Everything you need to know about RTP

What role does RTP play while playing Netent slots? Read this guide to discover.

Netent is a leader in igaming products. Millions of gamblers trust Netent slots for their design, theme, and their high Return to Player scores. Launched in the mid-1990s, Netent has produced titles such as Starburst, and Gonzo's Quest. You can read more about this company at https://www.topnetentcasinos.net .

What is RTP?

RTP or Return to Player tells the amount of money a slot is likely to return to a bettor over a period of time. It is an important casino term and tells about the attractiveness of slots. You can learn about other casino sits at https://www.usvirginislandstv.com .

  • RTP is expressed in percentage
  • Every online slot has an RTP

Let's understand RTP with an example. If a slot has an RTP of 97 %, it means that for every 10 bets of $1 each on this slot, the casino would return 97% of the total money wagered over a period of time.

House Edge and RTP

Closely related to RTP is the concept of House Edge. In the above example, the House Edge is 3%. This the mathematical advantage that the casino enjoys on that slot. So, 1-RTP%= House Edge. Naturally, those slots that have high RTP have low House Edge and vice-versa.

Should you play Netent slots with high RTP? Not necessary. Some of these slots are associated with high volatility. These means you can lose all or most of your money very quickly on these slots. High volatility slots carry high risks and may not suit budget-conscious players.

How to win in high RTP games?

Please understand that RTP is just another criterion for classifying slots. If all the high RTP slots actually started paying money, the casinos would go out of business. That is why there is this element of volatility. But you can still make money on these high RTP games.

  • You can also make money on medium RTP games
  • Some medium RTP Netent games are very popular globally.

Make use of the numerous features built-in your slot to ace it. If you have Wilds, Randoms, Scatters, Free Spins, Re-spins, etc. use those features to your advantage. High RTP in itself is no stand-alone benefit. Read online slot reviews to understand how these features work.

Use promos and bonus codes

Additionally, you can also use welcome bonus packages offered by several casinos to ace your games. If you are a new player, you'd be lured by several welcome offers comprising matching deposits and free spins. You can use these benefits to extract benefits from your slot.

Returning players are also lured by reload bonuses so here is another chance to use these benefits to maximize your winnings. Please note that these benefits are invariably accompanied by certain terms and conditions. Read those before laying your first bet in your slot.

  • Some bonus offers are linked to wagering requirements
  • You have to make a minimum deposit also

How to locate the best Netent RTP slots?

You can visit the Netent website and check out the various slots available there. If you can't then read online reviews of Netent slots. There are various websites that tell you about the Return to Player and other indicators of Netent online slots.

You will have to play those slots on online casinos. Before you begin, you will have to create your account and link it to your payment method ( bank account/ credit/ debit card, etc. ) It would be a nice idea to play your slot in a demo mode.


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