Netent vs Microgaming - The Battle of the Titans

Both Netent and Microgaming are giants in casino software creations. Read on to learn more.

Netent and Microgaming are arguably two of the most influential casino software providers prowling the casino industry. If you visit top-netentcasinos , you will see great games from each of these providers. But how do they stack up against each other? read on to find out.

The King of Slots

Both Netent and Microgaming began their business with online slots. Netent began in 1996 and began its operations immediately. But Microgaming had already been established two years earlier, giving it a slight headstart over Netent. Visit apocalypsis-studio to compare the two casino software behemoths.

While both have created hundreds of exciting slot games, the numbers separate them. Microgaming has about 600 slot games, compared to Netent's slightly more than 200. For this reason, though the quality of the slots is similar, Microgaming beat Netent hands down on this front.

  • Netent began in 1996 while Microgaming was established in 1994.
  • Microgaming has more slot games than Netent.

Netent vs Microgaming: Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to progressive jackpots, you are probably thinking about Mega Moola by Microgaming and Mega Fortune by Netent. These two are the highest paying jackpots in the gambling industry. However, mega Moola by Microgaming has paid much more than Mega Fortune.

Microgaming still beats Netent on this front. Hall of Gods by Netent paid over €7 million while Microgaming's has given out more than 10 million this year alone. Over its history, the company made massive payouts of well over 500 million euros - the largest in casino history.


Netent vs Microgaming: Mobile Platforms

With over 350 titles running on HTML5, Microgaming seems to have invested heavily on the mobile platform. Netent, on the other hand, rolled out its Mobile Live Casino platform where most of its games can run. On this front, it is difficult to determine the winner.

The smartphone has changed the online casino gaming industry. Most players prefer to access their favorite games from their mobile devices. To this end, both Netent and Microgaming have gone to great lengths to meet the changing needs of their ever-growing client base.

  • Both Netent and Microgaming have adopted the mobile platform
  • Microgaming has over 350 titles on the mobile platform.

The User Interface

No matter how thrilling an online casino game may be, players may stay away from it if its user interface is far from being friendly. Consequently, online casino software developers strive to ensure their games have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Both Microgaming and Netent have excelled in the creation of user interfaces that are easy to master and navigate. All game options are available at the touch of a button. the outlook of the games is also visually appealing with high-end graphics. Netent seems ahead of Microgaming.

  • Great user interface
  • High-end graphics

Netent vs Microgaming: The Winner

Netent and Microgaming no doubt occupy the largest share of the online casino market today. They have been creating high-quality casino games and software for nearly three decades. Both have the experience needed to understand player needs and reflect them in the casino software.

Although Each of them is great in their own right, Microgaming beats Netent hands down. It has more slot games and the highest jackpot payouts in recent years. Netent is also doing quite well and may catch up pretty soon. Microgaming wins the contest.

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